Leverage volume of Data and Build successful Analytics strategy


Biotrains is delighted to invite you to Pharma Data Analytics Summit bringing together industry leaders, technical experts, data scientist, innovators, and academia in Data Analytics to share their expertise, insights and experiences on key challenges, potential solutions and best practices in the industry. The conference provides an interactive forum with thought leaders presenting latest developments, case studies, round table and panel discussion, interactive Q & A sessions to further develop and answer your queries and vibrant exhibition space with solution providers showcasing their technologies and software


The Deadline for abstract submission is 30th November. Please submit your ideas for consideration now - Speak up and share your ideas

Reasons to attend this event

  • Learn Best practices in managing data
  • Gain actionable insights from Data
  • How to Optimise business decision-making process across operations
  • Discover the Impact of Data Analytics in Social Media
  • Discuss Future of Technology in data Analytics
  • Network with Peers and Data Analytics Gurus
  • Exploit AI/machine learning: Take advantage of emerging trends
  • Improve customer experience: apply data to make your organization customer-centric
  • Reduce costs: Create efficiencies with data
  • Gain support: Build organizational support for analytics
  • Explore new technologies: Leverage blockchain and other data technologies
  • Monetizing big data: Turn data into profits



Some of the challenges faced by the industry are - poor data integration, poor investment in talent and consequently non-availability of the required manpower and limited stakeholder alignment.
Talent: upgrading skill sets from those sufficient to analyze relatively small amounts of clinical trial data to those required to gain insights from the vast amount of real-world data, including unstructured data such as physicians’ notes, scans and images, and pathology reports.
Resourcing and capability development challenges: One of the biggest is how to make the transition from legacy technology and analytical competence to more-powerful and sophisticated analytical tools and analysis methodologies. aev, is rooted in industry culture. “Looking at it from my background in mathematics, I feel that pharma is one of the least quantitative industries,” he says. “Adoption of advanced analytical tools, mathematical modeling and AI-based approaches to analyzing data has been slow compared with other industries such as finance and IT.” Akmaev notes that many leaders and Slava Akmaev decision-makers in the pharma space have backgrounds in the “non-quantitative sciences, such as biology, biochemistry, and medicine.” Compounding that is an ongoing skepticism of systems biology tools.

Who Should Attend

If your job role includes the following responsibilities then this is a MUST attend event:
Data Science, Informatics, Biostatistics, Patient-Centricity, Data Management, Drug Development, Data Privacy
Who should attend?
  • Analytics & BI Practitioners
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Analytics & BI Program Leaders
  • Enterprise Information Leaders
  • MDM Program Managers
  • Information Governance Leaders
  • Data Infrastructure Managers
  • Chief Data Offi cers & Chief Analytics Officers
  • Senior IT Leaders / Senior Business Leaders (Finance, Mktg, etc.) & Information Architects
  • Analytics & BI Architects
  • Enterprise Architects


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